Authors Banding Together

We are a group of authors intent on keeping control of our work. We want to control the pricing, the content, the cover. We refuse to give up the lion’s share of the profits.

We want the advantages that come with self-publishing but we don’t want to go it alone. We recognize that, individually, we don’t know all the finer points of publishing or marketing – but, collectively, each of us brings our strengths to the table to benefit us all.

Bottom line? Nobody cares about your success more than you do – nobody. We, as authors, recognize that very basic fact. It’s a business and we are treating it as a business. But we are not going it alone.

Authors under the umbrella of Winding Roads Publishing have banded together to pool our knowledge, experience and talents and, in so doing, multiply our marketing reach exponentially. We know a solid and actionable marketing plan is crucial – not just at the time of launch, but ongoing throughout the author’s career.

 Our destiny is firmly in our own hands.

Failure is not an option.